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About Instablr

Instablr is a great platform to find exposure and connect you with your people.

Instablr is a secure file hosting solution, which lets you upload, access and share all of your data in convenient and secure location. Instablr was founded on a simple idea to allow a secure and easy way to share your data with your audience or people.

With Instablr you can securely post photos, GIFs, videos, audio, anything. Share your data with anybody on your terms.

We have everyday visitors to our platform and we are confident that we are supplying you with the most functional and affordable service on the market today, and understand the importance of your privacy. Instablr respects your privacy and we will never sell, trade or give away any of your personal information. You can read our Privacy Policy.

Where to contact us

We invite you to email us with any questions regarding our services. We are always eager to hear your suggestions and ideas on how to make Instablr service even better. Contact Instablr.